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Sports massage is dedicated improving sports performance, boosting flexibility and handling injuries or potential injuries.

Sport Massage is having more powerful touch targeting to the tender point and stiff areas. The aim is to relief the muscles by massaging with different length and deeper approach when you might have had symptoms already quite some time and the pain is quite intense.

Have a Classic Massage with more delicate touch and softer pressure. The aim of the massage is a relaxed feeling after the treatment to help you to get rid of stress and tension. It is great when the pain has not last for long and it is not very intensive.

Discover a new dimension of relaxation with the Relaxing Massage!  It is a treatment to massage your four limbs and the neck pleasantly with a soft and mild pressure. A minimum time for the treatment is 75 minutes of enjoyment.

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Reach Your Goal with

Personal Training

Set your goal and let’s work together to reach it. A training program will be tailored to you considering your current condition and physics, habits and preferences, as well as available time.

Make your training fun and effective with a highly motivated professional trainer. Let’s do it – it is never too late to start!

Recover with

Percussive & Compressive Therapy

Enjoy Therabody special equipment treatments:

  • Prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).
  • Increase blood & lymphatic flow.
  • Fast relief for tired muscles.
  • Promote relaxation.

Massage gun (Theragun) produces vibrations to relieve muscle tension.

Compressive boots (RecoveryAirJetBoots) inflate and deflate in cycles.

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